The skin shields the insides of our bodies against external factors. But sometimes it needs protection itself. You can support its natural protective function with the suitable products by Sixtus.

Nobody would go into the mountains without sunscreen. But the skin is affected by more than just UV rays: minor wounds like burst blisters can become infected with bacteria. Moist or dry and cracked feet are especially vulnerable to infections from fungal spores. These can result in foot fungus, which is very unwelcome. And naturally, the skin can suffer from overexertion due to friction. New shoes and tight-fitting boots are especially prone to leaving blisters on your feet. But people who spend a long time sitting on saddles know a lot about that as well: friction from a saddle can have an unpleasant effect on your lower half! Even runners occasionally suffer from chafing. Sore areas of skin are caused by clothing rubbing against your skin, and also when skin rubs against skin. But there is a way to ensure exercise remains a fun activity: Sixtus products offer skin care for athletes and everybody who loves being active!

Diese Abbildung von Wasserperlen auf einer nackten Schulter zeigt die schützende Wirkung der hauteigenen Schutzbarriere.


The topmost layer of skin forms an effective barrier between the insides of our bodies and the outside world. It is responsible not just for keeping pollutants at bay, but also for regulating the skin’s water content and ensuring that moisture does not evaporate. These two responsibilities are only possible because the uppermost layer of skin is permeable, it is actually made up of loosely assembled horny cells that are joined together by a mixture of lipids. On the other hand, the surface of the skin is coated in the protective acid mantle: a hydrolipid film with a slightly acidic pH value. It is home to useful bacteria, and also destroys germs that potentially cause disease.

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