The story began with knowledge of herbs from the alpine region, passed down through the generations. But even the Sixtus founders applied scientific methods to boost the effectiveness of the herbs. Following on from these beginnings in their laboratory, we are continuing to press ahead with innovation: centuries of experience enriched with today’s research findings.

The lab experiments conducted by Otto Richter took him in the right direction – he discovered not just the most promising method to obtain the active ingredients from the medicinal plants, but also the most effective way to combine them. The research findings of his successor Fritz Becker also made a significant contribution to the success of the first Sixtus products. Ever since the company was founded, the world of Sixtus has been rooted in three principles: traditional, natural and high-quality. We are committed to the power of nature. We cultivate proven expertise. And we press ahead with research into natural skin care in order to ensure a consistently high standard of quality for our products!

Eine behandschuhte rechte Hand streicht Creme mit einem Spatel auf die linke Hand. Die Sixtus-Forschung spielt eine wichtige Rolle bei der Entwicklung von Hautpflege-Produkten.


The latest scientific findings are our initial basis. We integrate these results into our ongoing development of the Sixtus range, in close cooperation with scientific experts who have specialized in natural and sustainable skin care formulations. Or to be more precise: in their development. It is unique for science and patient needs to be so closely linked, and this interaction produces the best possible product results with real value added for Sixtus customers.

Pipette mit Öl-Tropfen. Sixtus-Produkte enthalten naturreine ätherische Öle.


The Sixtus lipid complex provides intensive and rich skin care. It consists of the following ingredients: evening primrose oil, allantoin, unadulterated essential oils, lecithin, and sunflower oil. Allantoin promotes cell development, cell formation and cell regeneration, and also soothes the skin. The oil from the seeds of the evening primrose has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes sensitive skin, and strengthens its protective barrier. It regulates skin moisture, and increases skin suppleness and elasticity. Unadulterated essential oils are formed by plants. They can be anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, enhance blood circulation and disinfect, for example – and also complement and boost one another’s effects. We only use unadulterated essential oils gained entirely from the eponymous plants.

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