For most people, body care is probably most closely associated with showering. The need for bodily hygiene is deeply rooted in our society. But caring for the body means more than just showering every day.

There’s no doubt that it is important to keep your body clean. It is a good feeling to rid yourself of all the sweat, dirt, and excessive sebum at the end of a hard day’s work. But the skin dries out when it is in contact with hot water for a prolonged length of time, which means you should spend 10 minutes max. under the shower. That’s quite apart from the fact that a daily shower sometimes isn’t necessary anyway. However often you take a shower, it’s a good idea to apply some rich cream afterwards, as it replaces the lipids that have been washed away, and hydrates the skin.

That said, your diet is just as important as gentle cleansing and suitable skin care: a balanced diet with fresh ingredients and a lot of fluids has an effect on your skin complexion as well. If your diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, and proteins, then your body receives all the essential components. Last but not least, peace and restful sleep are crucial to allow the organism to put these components to good use and therefore regenerate. The same is true for the training effect: the muscles grow while they are recovering. And so there are many different sides to body care. Hygiene is just one of them.

Ein Mann seift sich beim Duschen den Oberarm mit einem Schwamm ein. Das Bild illustriert einen Bereich der täglichen Hautpflege.

Körperpflege heißt auch: Wertschätzung des Körpers.

Eine junge, sportliche Frau dehnt ihre Schulter, um ihre Beweglichkeit zu erhalten. Auch Bewegung kann zur Körperpflege gehören.


A healthy dose of exercise is a real fountain of youth for the organism and is as much a part of body care as regular resting! And it is not just the muscles and joints that keep fit this way. The cardiovascular system benefits as well. Sport is even presumed to act like an antidepressant. One other positive effect is immediately noticeable: sweating and increased blood flow cleanse the skin from the inside and outside. This cleans residue from the pores and supplies the skin with oxygen and nutrients. It is important to replenish your fluids afterwards! This doesn’t just mean drinking 2–3 liters of water that is rich in minerals. You should also replace the moisture that the skin has lost, ideally with a moisturizing cream or lotion. This results in a rosy, radiant complexion, and skin that is tauter and more supple.

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